Tiered Training Programme

Tier Zero: Introduction to Public Procurement and the Capital Works Management Framework (CWMF)

Tier 0 training is introductory level training aimed at public servants who are new to public procurement and are engaged in a capital works project under the NDP. This tier will introduce the participants to the basics of public procurement making them aware of the EU Directives, Statutory Instruments, Public Spending Code and the CWMF (for works projects). The training content for this tier is currently in pilot phase with roll-out planned for Q3 2021. This training will be delivered entirely online using self-directed learning.

Tier 1: Practitioner Training, Commercial Skills for Public Capital Works Projects

Tier 1 training consists of a set of 3 training modules, addressing planning, procurement and contract management phases of a public works contract. This training is aimed at project co-ordinators, project managers, members of works project teams along with other public servants whose roles are/will be concerned with the planning, procurement or management of public works projects, including Building and Civil Engineering projects.

There is a two-stage application process for Tier 1 training. To apply for a place on a Tier 1 training course applicants must first complete an online Application Form. Those successful applicants who are offered a place on a course following Stage 1 will only then be forwarded a Booking Form (Stage 2) to complete.

Please note: Applications for courses scheduled between September to December 2021 are now closed.  The application process will re-open in Autumn 2021 for courses commencing early 2022.

Tier 2: Masterclasses

Tier 2 training will be masterclass training on specific topics delivered by industry practitioners from across the public and private sector.  A panel of speakers will present examples of how they deliver capital projects. Masterclasses are aimed at participants who may have completed the Tier 1 Practitioner training programme or those who are actively involved in project delivery.

Tier 3: Conference

Conference style presentations on a specific theme, with a number of presenters from public and private industry giving opinion, fact or case study examples relating to theme.  Current restrictions on attendance have stalled the running of such conference style events, however the CSA are hopeful such events can be held in 2022.

Register your Interest for Tier zero, Tier 2, and Tier 3, and sign up to the CSA Contact Database to be kept informed of upcoming training and events by completing the Expression of Interest Form. It is best to use Chrome browser to access the form.