The National Public Procurement Policy Framework

Public Procurement is governed by EU and National Rules. The purpose of this document is to set out the overarching policy framework for public procurement in Ireland. The National Public Procurement Policy Framework  consists of 5 strands:

The National Public Procurement Policy Framework consists of 5 strands:

1) Legislation (Directives, Regulations)

2) Government Policy (Circulars etc.)

3) Capital Works Management Framework for Public Works

4) General Procurement Guidelines for Goods and Services

5) More detailed technical guidelines, template documentation and information notes as issued periodically by the Policy Unit of the OGP

The framework sets out the procurement procedures to be followed by Government Departments and State Bodies under national and EU rules. The framework supports contracting authorities, including the OGP, the four key sectors (Health, Education, Local Government and Defence), individual Departments, Offices, commercial and non-commercial State bodies, and private entities which are subsidised 50% or more by a public body, when awarding contracts for works, goods and services. It supports and enables Public Bodies to adopt procedures to meet their Public Procurement requirements and facilitates compliance with EU and National Procurement Rules.