The developing situation around the spread, containment and control of Covid-19 (Coronavirus) at the start of the pandemic meant contracting authorities came under pressure to deliver essential goods and/or services in greater volume or speedier timeframes than otherwise expected.

The Office of Government Procurement (OGP) recognised that contracting authorities needed support and assistance in relation to procurement and as a result, OGP produced this information note to support contracting authorities in managing procurements where urgency was required. Due to the time that has elapsed, urgency may not be justifiable.  Where procurement is unaffected by Covid-19 related issues, contracting authorities should ensure their procurements use competitive processes to ensure value for money, transparency and equal treatment, as detailed in our national public procurement guidelines. Please refer to Q&A at the end of this information note that addresses common questions you may have with respect to procurement and Covid-19.

March 22th Update: Updates include information on the Regulations, prompt payment legislation and on an information note published by OGP in relation to works.