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eInvoicing Ireland is responsible for facilitating public bodies in becoming compliant with the European Directive on eInvoicing (2014/55/EU) by April 2019. The Directive obliges contracting authorities and contracting entities ‘to receive and process electronic invoices’ (eInvoices) compliant with the European Standard (EN16931) by 18 April 2019 for Central Government. eInvoicing Ireland is working through the Office of Government Procurement (OGP) and with its four sector partners in Central and Local Government, Health  and Education to establish a procurement framework, from which public bodies will be able to access the services and solutions needed to support them in reaching compliance. It is important to note that suppliers are NOT being mandated under this Directive to send eInvoices in Ireland at this time.

The European Commission has identified eInvoicing as a key enabler in Europe’s move towards a Digital Single Market. To understand the obligations of the Directive, the national approach to eInvoicing in Ireland, and the potential business benefits, click the relevant link below -depending on whether you work for a public body, are a supplier or an eInvoicing service provider. The ‘Events and Announcements’ button below provides details about events attended and access to a range of eInvoicing Ireland presentations.


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