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eInvoicing Useful Information

eInvoicing Useful Information

This page contains posts of eInvoicing Useful information including eInvoicing Ireland factsheets/infographics, implementation worksheets, and links to the European ‘eInvoicing’ Directive, the European Standard and European Commission CEF Digital supports.

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eInvoicing Framework

Multi Supplier Framework Agreement for the provision of PEPPOL networking and eInvoicing Systems and Services to the Irish Public Sector
Supported by eInvoicing Ireland and its sector partners, the OGP  […]

eInvoicing Implementation Pyramid

eInvoicing Implementation Pyramid
eInvoicing Ireland has developed an eInvoicing Implementation Pyramid providing a step by step process to developing the building blocks for the implementation of eInvoicing within Public Bodies. […]

eInvoicing in Europe

eInvoicing Ireland and CEF Digital
The European Commission’s CEF Digital team have created an online platform with a range of information on eInvoicing across Europe, for further information please click […]

The European Standard EN-16931

The European eInvoicing Standard EN-16931 
The European Commission have prepared a short video with further information and guidance on the European Standard, please click the below link for access:

Accessing the […]

eInvoicing Directive

The European Directive 2014/55/EU on electronic invoices (eInvoices) in public procurement
The ‘eInvoicing’ Directive is available to access at the following link:


eInvoicing Worksheets


eInvoicing Implementation Preparatory Worksheets
eInvoicing Ireland has developed eInvoicing Implementation Worksheets to assist Public Bodies in preparing for eInvoicing within their organisations. The Worksheets include sections on invoice volumes, expenditure, […]

eInvoicing Ireland Factsheets


eInvoicing Ireland Factsheets
eInvoicing Ireland has developed these three factsheets on the national approach to eInvoicing in Ireland for 1. Public Bodies 2. Suppliers and 3. Service providers (please click […]