eInvoicing Ireland and CEF Digital’s eInvoicing Implementation event Follow-up

Presentations available now and eInvoicing Framework to be available from

Monday 25 March 2019


Post event notice Friday 22 March 2019: The eInvoicing Ireland team at the Office of Government Procurement (OGP) would like to thank everyone who attended and participated at Wednesday’s eInvoicing Implementation workshop in The Alex Hotel, Dublin. A wealth of knowledge and experience was shared by our European colleagues who joined us from Brussels, Sweden, Iceland and the Netherlands, as well as the local knowledge and expertise shared by the Education Shared Business Services team, IT Sligo, the OGP Sourcing team and indeed by the attendees themselves.


Please find a copy of the workshop presentations here. From general guidance on eInvoicing and Ireland’s approach to facilitating public bodies meet their obligations, to detailed information on the European Standard, the OGP Framework for eInvoicing services as well as real examples of eInvoicing in public procurement in Ireland and other European countries, the presentations aim to cover eInvoicing from all angles. These presentations are also being made available on the eInvoicing Ireland webpages at www.opg.gov.ie/eInvoicing. eInvoicing Ireland are updating their FAQs to include the questions asked by attendees through Sli.do.com and these will also be shared on the website and circulated to the eInvoicing community in the coming days.


For those looking to access the OGP eInvoicing Framework, due to be available from Monday 25 March 2019, please log onto www.ogp.gov.ie and the Buyer zone and select/ search as follows:

Category: Managed Services

Keyword: ‘PEPPOL’ or ‘eInvoicing systems’

OGP clients’ must register to gain access to the Buyer zone which is available to all public service buyers accessing live contracts/frameworks.


Video versions of the presentations are currently being edited and will be uploaded to the OGP You Tube Channel in the coming weeks. For further information or to add colleagues to the eInvoicing Community for update please email: einvoicing@ogp.gov.ie





Maura and the eInvoicing Ireland team