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Welcome to the Commercial Skills Academy

The primary aim of the Commercial Skills Academy at the Office of Government Procurement is to enhance the commercial delivery capabilities of key spending departments and public sector bodies through a focussed training programme.  The Commercial Skills Academy was established in 2019 to provide training for public service managers to gain an understanding of key issues, commercial skills, and best practice approaches for effective project delivery throughout the entire lifecycle of the project. Public procurement projects are often complex and even the best planned projects can be impacted by unforeseen circumstances. In this context, public servants need to be armed with commercial skills to address these issues in a timely and effective fashion.

The National Development Plan 2018 – 2027 sets out the significant level of investment, almost €116 billion, which will underpin the National Planning Framework and drive its implementation over the coming years. Approximately 80% of this investment will be invested in works projects/delivered through the Capital Works Management Framework. Accordingly, the initial focus of the Commercial Skills Academy is to provide the necessary commercial skills training pertaining to the planning, procurement and management of public works projects.

The Public Spending Code sets out the value for money requirements for the evaluation, planning, and management of public investments projects in Ireland. The Capital Works Management Framework is complimentary to and derives from the Public Spending Code.  The training programmes being developed by the Commercial Skills Academy focus primarily on the necessary skills to deliver capital works projects that have gained Approval in Principal (Decision Gate 1 of the Public Spending Code) by an Approving Authority.

The Commercial Skills Academy, with input from Construction Policy and staff across the Public Service, have developed a suite of Training suitable for staff involved at all levels. The Training is organised on a Tiered system, from Foundation level to Experienced. To find out more about the learning opportunities available at each level, please click on the Commercial Skills Academy Training Prospectus below.

To Express an Interest in any of the CSA Training Tiers, or to apply for a place on the Tier 1 Practitioner Training, please visit the CSA Tiered Training Programme.


For general enquiries, please Contact Us at: csacademy@ogp.gov.ie