85% of Central Government eInvoicing enabled!

eInvoicing Directive transposed into Irish legislation


eInvoicing Update, Thursday 27 June 2019:  Following the April 2019 deadline, 85% of Central Government bodies are now eInvoicing enabled. eInvoicing Ireland is supporting the remaining 15% to become eInvoicing enabled as soon as possible. The eInvoicing Directive 2014/55/EU on electronic invoicing in public procurement ‘the eInvoicing Directive’ has been transposed into Irish legislation, providing the option for Sub Central Government bodies to opt for the April 2020 deadline. The details of the transposition S.I. No. 258/2019 – European Union (Electronic Invoicing in Public Procurement) Regulations 2019 are available at http://www.irishstatutebook.ie/eli/2019/si/258/made/en/print?q=electronic&years=2019

In following up with Central Government, eInvoicing Ireland understands that the process of drawing down from the eInvoicing Framework to becoming eInvoicing enabled has been, for the majority, relatively straight forward, within a matter of days. In monitoring compliance with the eInvoicing Directive, eInvoicing Ireland has created an eInvoicing heatmap, please see below.

At this important stage between the Central and Sub Central Government timelines eInvoicing Ireland is encouraging all public sector bodies to provide feedback in relation to their experiences to best support the whole eInvoicing Community in embedding eInvoicing across Government.


Accessing the Framework

For those looking to access the OGP eInvoicing Framework, please log onto www.ogp.gov.ie and the Buyer zone and select/ search as follows:

Category: Managed Services

Keyword: ‘PEPPOL’ or ‘eInvoicing systems’

OGP Clients must register to gain access to the Buyer zone available to all public service buyers accessing live contracts/frameworks.

As a reminder eInvoicing Ireland and the OGP developed, previously shared, guidance on the 5 key elements required for minimum compliance for eInvoicing when public bodies are looking to access basic eInvoicing compliant solutions and services from the Framework.  The 5 items required for basic, minimum eInvoicing compliance are as follows:

  1. eDocument Management Portal account [Annual Fixed Cost – up to 10,000 invoices included per annum]
  2. Set-up Framework Client specific PEPPOL AP and SMP services [Once off setup charge]
  3. PEPPOL and SMP Services [Annual fee]
  4. SMP registration as PEPPOL receiver [Annual Fee]
  5. Service Operation Management [Annual Fee]






0Accessing the Standard

The National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI) has provided sponsored access to the European Standard on eInvoicing the I.S. EN 16931-1:2017 and S.R. CEN/TS 16931-2:2017 through their Standards distributor, accessible at the following links:




For further information please contact: the eInvoicing Ireland team at eInvoicing@ogp.gov.ie

For those looking to access the relevant information on eInvoicing in public procurement in Ireland visit www.ogp.gov.ie/eInvoicing