The Office of Government Procurement has updated its standard suite of templates to reflect the new EU Procurement Directives which came into force on 18 April 2016.

This suite of documents to be used across the Central Government Departments / Civil Service for the procurement of low to medium risk goods and services. Please note these documents are correct as of 29 April 2016.

For construction services and works template documents please click here.

CAUTION: These documents should not be edited outside of the designated text boxes and free text areas. To do so, will diminish the document’s legal standing.

Please note that the templates currently reference the new EU Directives. When the Statutory Instrument (SI) transposing the Directives into Irish law is in place, the templates will be amended to include the SI number in place of the Directive number and an update will issue.

In addition to reflecting the new Directives, the OGP has also taken the opportunity to make some drafting changes to the templates in order to amend or clarify certain provisions, to update references to legislation and to remove unnecessary duplication.

A summary of the key changes to the templates is available here.

The guidance notes on the use of these templates are currently being updated and will be published shortly.

Contracting authorities are advised to read the revised templates carefully and to seek legal advice if required.

Goods                                                                      Services

The following documents are to be used when initiating a tendering process:
Request For Tenders (RFT) for GOODS



Request For Tenders (RFT) for SERVICES



These documents are to be used for the execution of the contract following the completion of the RFT stage:
Contract template for GOODS  


Contract template for SERVICES



These documents are to be used for the execution of a confidentiality agreement:
Confidentiality Agreement template for GOODS  

Confidentiality Agreement template for SERVICES