The Office of Government Procurement (OGP) published a standard suite of templates in April 2016, to reflect the new EU Procurement Directives.

On 5th July 2017, the OGP published an updated suite of templates to reflect feedback received from Contracting Authorities mainly in relation to formatting.  This will make them more user-friendly while still meeting the legal requirements.

The OGP should be contacted in the first instance regarding procurement requirements.  The templates, which are designed for above EU threshold tenders, are to be used by Contracting Authorities (Government Departments and State Bodies) for low to medium risk goods and services.

Contracting Authorities are advised to read the revised templates carefully and to seek legal advice if required.

CAUTION: These documents should not be edited outside of the designated text boxes and free text areas. To do so, will diminish the document’s legal standing.


The following documents are to be used when initiating a tendering process: 

Goods Request for Tender

User Guide Goods Request for Tender 05.07.2017

Services Request for Tender

User Guide Services Request for Tender 05.07.2017


This European Single Procurement Document references the OGP template Request for Tender documents. It should be completed by Suppliers and included in their tender documents:

European Single Procurement Document 


These documents are to be used for the execution of the contract following the completion of the Request for Tender stage:

Goods Contract 05.07.2017

User Guide Goods Contract 05.07.2017

Services Contract 05.07.2017

User Guide Services Contract 05.07.2017


These documents are to be used for the execution of a confidentiality agreement:

Goods Confidentiality Agreement

Services Confidentiality Agreement

Construction services and works template documents have not been updated and are available HERE.