Welcome to eInvoicing Ireland

eInvoicing Ireland is responsible for facilitating Public Sector Bodies in becoming compliant with the European eInvoicing Directive (2014/55/EU) by April 2019. eInvoicing Ireland is working with the Office of Government Procurement to develop a procurement framework in 2018, from which Public Sector Bodies will be able to access the services and solutions needed to support them in becoming compliant in time.

If you work for a Public Sector Body your first consideration should be whether you are part or scheduled to be part of shared services in the future. Representatives from the shared service projects across Government are already working with eInvoicing Ireland. If there is no plan for your organisation to be part of a shared services model please take time to consider and analyse the type of invoicing processes you currently have in place. Once you understand this you can start looking at the changes you may need to make. eInvoicing Ireland will be providing tools and information over the course of 2018 to support Public Sector Bodies in this planning.

As part of Irish eInvoicing strategy, on 18 January 2018, the  Minister of State Patrick O’Donovan T.D. signed Ireland up as a PEPPOL Authority member of OpenPEPPOL which coordinates the PEPPOL eDelivery network for eProcurement and eInvoicing. This network enables businesses to ‘Connect Once – Connect to All’ European Public Sector buyers, ultimately making it easier for businesses to engage with Government online. To access the full release on the announcement please click here:Irish OpenPEPPOL Membership Announcement 18 January 2018 – News Release Final

Further updates and information will be added to this page as they become available.

If you have any specific queries please email einvoicing@ogp.gov.ie